I have made the mortgage industry my career for the last 16 years. During my tenure, I have had a hand in helping thousands of customers obtain loans to purchase homes and to refinance mortgages. I have also been involved in several facets of the mortgage industry including origination, processing, underwriting, servicing, management and training; thus, launching the careers of many successful Loan Officers. I am currently the Senior Director – Retail Site Manager at the Charlotte, NC Center of Home Point Financial. I have a successful track record of recruiting, hiring, training and leading some of the most successful employees in the industry. Our intentions here at the Charlotte Center are to earn the trust of thousands of customers and help them realize their home loan hopes and dreams. I reside in Concord, NC with my wife, daughter, son and a zoo of 3 dogs and 2 cats. My home is the center of my life. I know it is the same for our customers. I still remember the wonderful feeling I had when we bought our first home. I remind myself of that every time I talk to a customer or conduct our daily business. I am proud that I can help customers with one of their most important family investments and I want our team here at HPF Charlotte to feel the same way.